October 13, 2017

Build vs. Buy for supply chain applications has been a question debated by leading organizations for as long as the term supply chain management has been around. Going back to the nineteen eighties, it was common for organizations to build their own software applications to manage stove-pipe functional areas

The truth is, at that time, there was an absence of commercial off the shelf (COTS) software applications available to manage these functions, so a build strategy was the right call for many companies.

Companies that rolled-their-own either used in-house IT staff or hired one of the big six consulting firms to do it for them.

build vs. buy

Download this education series to learn if your organization should develop digital supply chain solutions in-house, or should they adopt emerging commercially available digital supply chain solutions?

  • Will organizations be putting themselves at a disadvantage if they don’t grow their in-house human capital and underlying technology platforms with an eye toward digitization

  • Will traditional commercial packaged software applications evolve fast enough to enable their customers to maintain a competitive edge vs. companies developing their own solutions

  • Can the traditional supply chain solution providers make the leap to true digitization


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