January 03, 2018

What disruptions pose the greatest risk to today’s supply chains? Is it black swan disruptions, supplier disruptions, manufacturing disruptions, price fluctuations, competitor actions, logistics provider disruptions, I/T disruptions?

While all these single events can be devastating to a company’s operations, I contend that unanticipated variability causes more pain over longer periods of time.

What do I mean by variability?  Variability comes in many forms.  Some of the most common forms of supply chain variability include supply variability, manufacturing throughput variability, transportation lead time variability, demand variability, and quality variability.

Download this education series to learn how digital supply chain solutions continuously re-calculate predicted lead times, throughput and variability at a very granular level – by lane, carrier, port, airport, route, supplier, manufacturing facility, warehouse, border crossing etc.

  • How unanticipated variability causes more pain over longer periods of time

  • How a company is supposed to plan its downstream operations with this kind of variability

  • How digital supply chain solutions watch, model and learn the behavior of all ocean carriers on all lanes under varying circumstances

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