December 12, 2017

“I want your solution to be live and delivering operational value to my business in 60 days!” That’s what our executive sponsor at a large global company said to me a few days ago.

Sixty days from signing a contract with us, he expects to be watching the live movement and understanding the behavior of his orders inbound from foreign suppliers to manufacturing, as well as outbound finished goods from his DCs to customers.  He wants this capability at a part or SKU level, across all global transportation modes, and he wants accurate predicted times of arrival factoring the impact of external events and risks.

cycle time

Download this education series to learn how digital supply chain solutions make it possible to deliver value in such a short timeframe

  • What digital supply chain solutions have over legacy supply chain solutions

  • How digital supply chain solution sits on top of a modern, temporal and spatial, one-to-many stream integration architecture with existing connections to legacy systems. real-time visibility actually means, and how it is achieved

  • How digital supply chain solution shines a light on the entire end-to-end supply chain

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