• supply chain

    Supply Chain Visibility is Dead

    Continuously predicting behavior is driving far more value Getting a tight grasp on supply chain activities has long been a priority for most enterprises. For supply chain professionals, visibility solutions are seen as the path to achieving this goal. Download this white paper to learn how the advent of the internet of things (IoT), digital...
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  • lead times

    Predicting Lead Times, Throughput and Variability

    What disruptions pose the greatest risk to today’s supply chains? Is it black swan disruptions, supplier disruptions, manufacturing disruptions, price fluctuations, competitor actions, logistics provider disruptions, I/T disruptions? While all these single events can be devastating to a company’s operations, I contend that unanticipated variability causes more pain over longer periods of time. What do...
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  • cycle time

    Digital Supply Chains Compress Time…Both Cycle Time and Customer Time to Value

    “I want your solution to be live and delivering operational value to my business in 60 days!” That’s what our executive sponsor at a large global company said to me a few days ago. Sixty days from signing a contract with us, he expects to be watching the live movement and understanding the behavior of...
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  • control tower

    What is a Supply Chain Control Tower, Anyway?

    If you ask ten different executives to define a supply chain control tower, you will probably get ten different answers. Ask ten pundits and you will get ten more answers. Sharing those same concerns, I typically shy away from the term.  I have been a customer longer than I have been a solution provider.  This...
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  • Supplier Risk

    How Digital Supply Chains Help Companies to Mitigate Supplier Risk

    It’s nearly impossible to navigate a supply chain career without experiencing a supplier disruption at some point. Supplier disruptions come in many forms and range in severity At best, a supplier disruption forces manufacturers (a.k.a., brand owners) to order materials from a secondary supplier for a brief period.  At worst, supplier disruptions halt production for...
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  • Buy vs. Build

    The Build vs Buy Question Reignites within Supply Chain Circles

    Build vs. Buy for supply chain applications has been a question debated by leading organizations for as long as the term supply chain management has been around. Going back to the nineteen eighties, it was common for organizations to build their own software applications to manage stove-pipe functional areas The truth is, at that time,...
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