What We Do

We continuously predict supply chain lead times, variability, disruptions and opportunities, and initiate prescriptive actions that increase revenues, reduce costs and mitigate risk. Below are a few examples of the types of predictive insights and prescriptive actions we generate across the end-to-end digital supply chain…

  • Real-time Visibility and Predictive Insights
  • Prescriptive Actions
  • N-Tier Supplier

    N-Tier Supplier
    • Understand N-tier supplier behavior, inventory levels and predicted risks
    • Select alternate Tier 1 supplier in response to predicted disruption at Tier 2 supplier
  • Airport / Ocean Port

    Airport / Ocean Port
    • Gain forward looking visibility of predicted risks and transit times
    • Select alternate carrier on a disruption free lane or make modal shift to ocean from air
  • In-Transit Inbound

    In-Transit Inbound
    • Get real-time end-to-end visibility across all transportation modes with accurate PTAs
    • Commit inventory in-transit to a customer order with confidence that it will arrive on time
  • Airport / Ocean Port

    Airport  / Ocean Port
    • Receive accurate predicted times of arrival and in-terminal visibility of containers
    • Adjust downstream manufacturing plan knowing parts will arrive three days late
  • Manufacturing / Dc

    Manufacturing / Dc
    • Orchestrate simultaneous arrival of parts and see in-node inventory, WIP and throughput
    • Provide real-time visibility and accurate predicted times of arrival to customers
  • In-Transit Outbound

    In-Transit Outbound
    • Gain real-time visibility of outbound shipments with predicted disruptions, arrival times
    • Alert customers of impending arrivals within very tight windows
  • Customer

    • Provide customers real-time visibility of inbound shipments and accurate PTAs
    • Re-direct shipments in transit to important customers while backfilling upstream supply
  • Demand

    • Interpret real-time consumer sentiment and competitor actions
    • Take price action or allocate dynamic supply to dynamic demand