TransVoyant Releases Dynamic Data Engine

TransVoyant Releases Dynamic Data Engine

Alexandria, VA – Today, TransVoyant announced the launch of GeoVigilance™* 1.0, a location-based awareness platform designed to aid analysts, operators, first responders and warfighters with geospatial, temporal, contextual and preference decision support.

GeoVigilance* processes data in real-time and effectively disseminates actionable information to decision makers—when and how they need it.

“Last fall, we announced the launch of the Alpha version of our GeoVigilance* solution,” stated Bob Sturm, Vice President, Software Development and Architecture for TransVoyant. “We were able to successfully target different verticals with GeoVigilance* Alpha, and gather feedback on how the tool could effectively be utilized in intelligence analysis, energy pipeline management, transportation and logistics visibility, battlefield situational awareness, port and border security and first responder support situations. The readiness of the marketplace for a solution like GeoVigilance* 1.0 allowed us to develop and explore increased utility for the tool than we ever thought possible.”

Benefits of GeoVigilance* 1.0 include:

  • Flexible visualization interface for tracking and analysis of location-based data; fast and efficient rule evaluation that can be altered “on-the-fly”; no programming experience needed
  • Customizable rule evaluation for both government or commercial entities that conduct tracking, analysis and decision making of location and time-based events
  • Unique capability to manage multi-modal, highly dynamic data set challenges by allowing end users to create rules and set alerting capabilities on self-imported static and dynamic data sets

“After intense market research last summer, we found that visibility tools that effectively analyze and disseminate information to decision makers were lacking in arenas ranging from mobile advertising, to worldwide logistics management, to battlefield situational awareness,” said TransVoyant President, Dennis Groseclose. “What we set out to accomplish with GeoVigilance* was to create a solution that enhances the decision making process by enabling faster and better informed decisions that can easily fit within existing or new processes.”

GeoVigilance* is powered by the highly scalable geospatial and temporal complex event data processor, which is capable of analyzing and making decisions on over 10,000 data points and object interactions per second. In 2010, the development of this complex event processing engine won the prestigious Industry Achievement Award from the U.S. Geospatial-Intelligence Foundation. In addition, GeoVigilance* utilizes SpatialFX® capabilities to fuse and visualize large, highly dynamic data sets. Also available separately from the GeoVigilance* platform, the SpatialFX embeddable toolkit is a patented, scalable web mapping and visualization tool with the ability to fuse and display real-time data elements from multiple sources.

*Please Note: GeoVigilance™ has since been merged with the TransVoyant Continuous Decision Intelligence™ (CDI™) brand

About TransVoyant
TransVoyant predicts the future. By continuously learning from the past and present, the company and its technology predicts future behaviors and events to improve outcomes for its customers. From satellites, radar, sensors, smartphones, social media and other devices that make up the Internet of Things, TransVoyant collects one of the world’s largest living repositories of real-time big data—over one trillion events per day. We then apply patented technology and proprietary algorithms to this massive big data to produce live and predictive insights that enable companies to transform business performance and governments to protect life and property. Our insights and predictions drive value in the areas of operational efficiency, risk management, consumer insights, resilience, asset optimization and security for national security and enterprise customers.

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