The Value We Deliver

At no time in the history of the modern supply chain has there been an opportunity to generate more value to shareholders and customers than through the digital supply chain. Through real-time big data from the IoT, advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence we are helping companies to simultaneously increase revenues, reduce inventories, cut supply chain costs and boost customer service levels.

Visibility & Behavior

  • Current lead times and variability
  • Real-time from IoT
  • Global End-to-End
  • All Modes
  • All Nodes
  • Internal & External Behavior

Predictive Insights

  • Future lead times and variability
  • Global precise times of arrival
  • Probable strike at supplier
  • Carrier will make unscheduled stops
  • Port will be congested
  • Competitor running promotion
  • Order will reach customer on time

Prescriptive Actions

  • Dynamic node inventory optimization
  • Commit inventory in-transit
  • Source from alternate supplier
  • Select alternate carrier or mode
  • Select disruption free lane
  • Take price action
  • Adjust manufacturing plan
  • Provide customers real-time visibility


  • 20% improvement in OTIF orders
  • 20-30% reduction in buffer inventory
  • 2-5% increase in revenue
  • 20% reduction in transportation costs
  • 15-20% improvement in cash-to-cash