Pre-Packaged Insights

A TransVoyant insight is an actionable piece of intelligence that leads to a more informed, more optimal decision. Our customers demand a solution complete with pre-packaged insights. Featured here are a small sample of our pre-packaged insights available for TransVoyant customers. Our data science team constantly adds new insights on an ongoing basis.

Enterprise Insights

Inbound PTA of all inbound materials tied to a manufacturing plan.

Frieight forwarder and carrier SLA performance.

Real-time and predicted disruptions: weather, port strikes, illicit trade, political risks.

Allocation of upstream inventory in motion to customer orders with accurate predicted times of arrivals.

Consumer sentiment analysis and impact.

Global Insights

Natural disasters, severe weather, civil unrest, etc.

Optimal inventory and service levels with current and predicted lead-times, variability and capacity for all global nodes, modes, lanes and routes.

Consumer buying behaviors.