Precise Predictive RiskTM (P2RTM)

TransVoyant P2R is a unique, SaaS-based risk management solution that enables organizations to monitor, analyze and remediate a diverse set of global, interdependent risks related to physical facilities, goods in motion, static inventory, competitor behavior and extended supply chain partners – anywhere in the world.

  • Risk Rating

    Risk Rating

    Risk ratings to help you analyze, quantify and categorize your risk exposure, and focus on the highest priority issues.

  • Visualization


    Real-time imagery and simulated models to let you see your moving and static assets and the risks surrounding them to make better decisions.

  • Advance Warning

    Advance Warning

    Predictive insights that provide advance warning of future risks.

  • Impact Probability

    Impact Probability

    Calculated probability of impact on your moving and static shipments, inventory and assets.

  • Intelligent Action

    Intelligent Action

    The ability to initiate prescriptive and intelligent actions when risks are imminent or have occurred.

Dynamic Network Discovery

Because TransVoyant is watching and learning from every shipment, across every mode of transportation, from N-Tier supplier to customer door, including every supply chain node in between—port, manufacturing facility, warehouse, store—it dynamically self discovers a company’s supply chain network. This eliminates the need for costly and drawn out, network mapping exercises that result in hard-coded, static network models. TransVoyant is constantly watching, analyzing and updating a company’s supply chain network, adding new nodes, lanes and routes as soon as they materialize.

Live Event Monitoring

TransVoyant collects, analyzes and learns from massive amounts of real-time big data gathered from IoT devices around the world every day. TransVoyant displays these risk events in a visual control tower which makes it easy for users to see current and future risks unfolding around their supply chain nodes, routes and lanes.

Predictive Modeling

TransVoyant has established living behavior models for carriers, lanes, routes, ports, airports, countries and other supply chain nodes under varying conditions. These behavior models are just one, albeit important, input into TransVoyant’s advanced machine learning algorithms that produce future risk predictions and calculate their impacts.

Relating Risks to Assets

An external risk (i.e., earthquake, strike) is irrelevant if it has no current impact, or predicted impact, on your inventory or assets. TransVoyant relates current risks to the current locations of your inventory and assets, current risks to the predicted future locations of your inventory and assets, and predicted future risks to the predicted future locations of your inventory and assets.

Risk Ranking

TransVoyant scores and ranks current and predicted risks based on risk probabilities and severity of impact. Impact severity is a function of revenue impact, cost impact, and customer service impact, the weightings for each are all configurable by the user. TransVoyant’s risk rankings continuously evolve as events unfold and circumstances change.

Network Impact

TransVoyant visually displays the upstream and downstream impacts from current and predicted risks. Users can drill down into any upstream or downstream node to see more details associated with the impact, such as affected manufacturing runs or customer orders.

Prescriptive Recommendations

Because TransVoyant has been watching carriers, lanes, routes and nodes for years, when current or predicted disruptions arise, the system is aware of and can make prescriptive recommendations for remediation.

Collaborative Issue Resolution

TransVoyant enables collaborative discussions and task assignments tied to each risk. The solution stores and analyzes all resolution paths. This searchable repository serves as a knowledge base for organizations, as well as a data input to TransVoyant’s machine learning algorithms. As similar risks arise, TransVoyant can make better, more granular, prescriptive recommendations around resolution.

‘Eyes on’ Tasking

Based on our national security heritage, we have experience providing “Eyes On” truth related to risks. We can task space, airborne or on-ground resources to capture near real-time imagery of risks related to assets or locations.

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