Precise Predictive LogisticsTM (P2LTM)

Precise Predictive Logistics (P2L) is a cloud-based application that provides users with a real-time picture of their goods around the world, accurate predicted times of arrival at every pulse point in the supply chain, alerts notifying them of risks, prescriptive actions to optimize supply chain performance, and performance insights that increase revenues, reduce costs and increase customer service.

  • IoT HUB

    IoT HUB

    TransVoyant collects, cleanses and packages massive amounts of real-time big data every day from IoT devices around the globe.

  • Real-time Data

    Real-time Data

    P2L already knows the current and predicted locations and behaviors of aircraft, ocean vessels, railcars and trucks, so all it needs is a BOL number.

  • Customer Data

    Customer Data

    Armed with the BOL, P2L knows the carrier and conveyance as well as the route the shipment is scheduled to follow.

  • All Modes & Nodes

    All Modes & Nodes

    P2L uses predictive analytics to peer forward in time at all nodes in the supply chain and the points along the scheduled order journey, identifying probable disruptions and risks.

  • Intelligent Actions

    Intelligent Actions

    P2L recommends dynamic lead times and variabilities for inventory optimization and alternate routes, carriers or modes that are highly performing and free of disruptions during the relevant shipping window.

  • Control Tower

    Control Tower

    P2L delivers these valuable insights to users via a graphical control tower and / or passes recommendations directly to supply chain solutions for execution.

  • Predictive Insights

    Predictive Insights

    As shipments move, P2L tracks them in real-time, providing live status updates and very accurate ETAs based on predicted behaviors and disruptions ahead in the journey.

  • Performance Insights

    Performance Insights

    P2L confirms delivery and provides transformational insights concerning supplier, lane, port, and carrier performance as well as supply chain bottlenecks.


We collect massive amounts of real-time big data from the global IoT to provide organizations real-time behavior of their end-to-end global supply chain from n-tier foreign supplier to customer door.

  • Across all modes of transportation — air, ocean, truck, rail and parcel.
  • Across all supply chain nodes – stuff you own and stuff you don’t own– inventory in-transit, in warehouses, in manufacturing facilities, at customer facilities.
  • Including the current and predicted risks surrounding shipments, inventory and assets — severe weather, natural disasters, port congestion, labor strikes, road construction, etc.


Our real-time insights are derived from massive live data streams that we collect from IoT devices around the world.

  • We collect, cleanse, normalize and process over 1 trillion events around the world every day.
  • These massive data streams come complete with our supply chain solution–our customers do not have to onboard carriers or source external data themselves.
  • Supply chain performance improvements from real-time IoT-based visibility, behavior and insights vs. latent EDI-based status updates are significant and demonstrable.

Live Data and Insights

  • Live aircraft, vessel, truck, railcar locations
  • Port congestion
  • Vessel schedules
  • Air traffic
  • Airport congestion
  • Flight schedules
  • Unpublished layovers
  • Weather
  • Temperatures
  • Wind speeds
  • Wave heights
  • Natural disasters


  • Terrorism threats
  • Labor strikes
  • Customs clearance times
  • Road construction
  • Road traffic
  • Sun glare
  • Price indices
  • Geopolitical trends
  • Media articles
  • Foot traffic
  • Sensors
  • RFID
  • Satellites
  • Radar
  • Smart phones
  • Meters
  • News outlets
  • Control devices
  • Video cameras
  • Drones
  • RSS feeds


We produce predictive insights that enable our customers to orchestrate just-in-time hand-offs between trading partners and supply chain nodes; identify and avoid supply chain risks and disruptions; and take advantage of opportunities that their competitors simply cannot see.

  • We produce predicted times of arrival for every shipment at every pulse point and supply chain node, factoring the impact of external events, carrier behavior, node behavior, etc.
  • Our predicted times of arrival are much more accurate than carrier provided or customer calculated ETAs.
  • We predict external disruptions–port congestion, labor strikes, severe weather, custom clearance bottlenecks, competitor actions–and identify the predicted upstream and downstream impacts on specific suppliers, shipments, supply chain nodes, customer orders, etc.


We produce prescriptive and actionable supply chain recommendations that drive immediate and measurable supply chain performance improvements.

  • We recommend highly performing carriers on specific lanes based on our learned carrier behaviour models and predictive analytics.
  • We recommend alternate lanes, ports, airports or trucking routes based on predicted delays and disruptions.
  • We recommend alternate sources of inventry to fulfill dynamic demand.
  • We capture and report against the performance of initial customer-generated or planning system-generated plans vs. TransVoyant recommendations (e.g., the on-time performance of customer selected carrier vs. the on-time performance of TransVoyant recommended carrier).


We produce supply chain recommendations that are optimized for service and profit.

  • We enable companies to dynamically allocate both moving and static inventory to dynamic demand, based on fulfillment cost, sales price and service level
  • We calculate and continuously re-calculate current and predicted lead times, capacity and variability which we feed to planning systems and inventory models to optimize inventory levels while maintaining / improving service levels
  • We help companies to minimize manufacturing change-overs, maximize warehouse throughput, and optimize price based on available supply and demand

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