Precise Predictive IntelligenceTM (P2ITM)

TransVoyant Precise Predictive Intelligence™ (P2I™) tells you not only what happened and why it happened, but when it is predicted to happen again with enough lead time to take actions that get in front of potential national security risks.

In real time, TransVoyant P2I analyzes trillions of events taking place around the globe (e.g, weather, traffic, people movement, shipments, currency fluctuations)—applying advanced behavioral analytics to this streaming big data.

TransVoyant P2I continuously monitors behaviors of people, groups, organizations, systems and regions to discover ‘normal’ baselines and trends—spatial and nonspatial—across time (by minute, day of week, season, etc.) These trends are updated live as more data is streamed through its Continuous Decision Intelligence system and as users select new areas of interest or events to be monitored.

TransVoyant P2I dynamically identifies deviations from those baselines—detecting anomalous behaviors and events that happened in the past, are happening now, or are predicted to happen hours, days or weeks into the future.

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