Do you face these supply chain and enterprise risk challenges?

  • Lack of real-time visibility regarding risks to your supply chain, goods in motion, static inventory, physical assets, competitor behavior, and other resources

  • Inability to confidently predict and evaluate future risks

  • Lack of effective response tools, such as the ability to order current satellite and aerial photography for “eyes on” views and ability to task specific response actions on site

  • Lack of proactive decision tools to guide action, including ability to quantify the value of assets at risk and to have prescriptive remedial actions to avoid or mitigate negative impacts before they happen

TransVoyant P2R is a unique, SaaS-based risk management solution that enables organizations to monitor, analyze and remediate a diverse set of global interdependent risks related to physical facilities, goods in motion, static inventory, competitor behavior and extended supply chain partners – anywhere in the world.

By collecting and analyzing massive amounts of real-time data from IoT devices, P2R provides risk and supply chain managers with a single global view of a broad set of risks and the ability to take preventative actions. P2R displays risks and disruptions as they unfold in real time and continuously rates risks, prioritizes alerts and recommends optimal actions. P2R uses advanced machine learning algorithms to constantly evaluate the behavior of events, supply chain nodes, business partners, people, competitors, and other entities in order to predict future risks based on trends.

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P2R Features


Global visibility

P2R provides real-time visibility of events around the globe using streaming data from the IoT and other data sources. TransVoyant has one of the world’s largest repositories of IoT data, collecting and analyzing 1 trillion+ events every day.

Predicted & real-time alerts

P2R delivers predictive insights that provide advance warning of many types of events and risks, including the impact of severe weather, natural disasters, fires, port congestion, labor strikes, socio-political events, competitor behavior, and more.

Intelligent actions & prescriptive remediation

P2R gives you the ability to order “eyes on” satellite or aerial imagery and on-site inspections of your assets, and arms you with prescriptive recommendations for alternate transport routes, expedited shipping and other options to minimize negative impacts, giving you first mover’s advantage.

Probability of impact

P2R quantifies the likely impact of events on your assets, nodes and shipments so you can make better decisions and report effectively within your organization.

Risk ratings

P2R helps you analyze, quantify and categorize your risk exposure and focus on the highest priority issues.

Recommended alternatives

P2R doesn’t just provide alerts and visibility, it arms you with prescriptive recommendations for alternate suppliers, expedited shipping and other options.

P2R Benefits

  • Real-time alerts of risks, threats and events

  • Advance warning of selected event types, such as weather, socio-political actions, labor strikes, and transportation problems

  • Dashboard views

  • Risk ratings for every tracked asset, continuously updated

  • Risk filtering and queries

  • Visualization tools

  • Decision tools, to provide financial and operational data on fixed and moving assets

  • Satellite images/aerial photography

  • The ability to order “Eyes On” actions to provide additional images/photos/information

  • The ability to order “Intelligent Actions” to fortify, protect, extract, re-route assets, etc.

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