Given high value goods, short product lifecycles and intense competitive pressures, supply chain professionals in the high tech industry face daunting challenges

  • Shrinking product life cycles, driven by the need to meet customer demand for the next new thing, and to beat competitors to market

  • Supply chain risks from facility fires, natural disasters, severe weather, port congestion, socio-political events, labor strikes and more

  • High reliance on critical parts arriving at the right place at the right time, crossing borders, using multiple transportation modes, meeting end-of-month and end-of-quarter pressures

  • A lack of real-time, end-to-end visibility into the location and status of goods in motion, by all transportation modes

  • Not discovering that orders from suppliers have been shorted until they arrive at their final destination

  • The need to be agile, able to shift suppliers quickly, make changes in plans, re-route shipments and respond effectively in other ways to shifts in supply, demand and external factors


P2L addresses the toughest High Tech Supply Chain challenges by delivering these benefits:

  • Real-time, end-to-end visibility into the location of parts, orders and shipments

  • 50% to 90% improvement in ETA accuracy (vs. carrier and 3PL-provided EDI-based ETAs)

  • 20% to 30% reductions in buffer stock as a result of increased certainty

  • Reduced supplier risk—by receiving predictions of likely disruptions from external events, including severe weather, floods, natural disasters, social and political unrest, labor strikes, and more

  • Improved manufacturing, warehouse, transportation and labor scheduling

  • Accurate reporting of border crossing lead times

  • Improved supplier, carrier and 3PL performance monitoring

  • Increased sales from improved customer performance

  • Improved visibility into critical parts inventory


“Arguably, no one is measuring more data, when it comes to supply chain visibility, than TransVoyant.” – Eric Johnson, Research Director & IT Editor, American Shipper


Predict the Future with P2L

With the explosion of IoT devices and advances in machine learning, a variety of innovative new supply chain management technologies have emerged that offer new ways to address these challenges.  TransVoyant’s Precise Predictive Logistics™ (P2L™) solution is at the forefront of this disruptive innovation.  By collecting massive amounts of real-time data from IoT devices around the world, P2L enables high tech firms to track the live movement of goods in motion across all transportation modes, worldwide, from n-tier foreign suppliers to distribution center to customer door. P2L also collects massive data streams related to external events (natural disasters, severe weather, port congestion, supplier constraints). By applying machine learning algorithms to these data streams, P2L predicts future disruptions in time for high-tech manufacturers to avoid them.


How P2L Works

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With a single data input, a bill of lading, P2L can begin tracking the live movement of your shipments and deliver predictive insights related to potential supply chain disruptions.