“The life sciences industry, especially within the supply chain, is ripe for digital transformation.”
– IDC, “The Value of Real-Time Visibility and Predictive Intelligence for Supply Chains”

With multi-tier supplier networks, distributed multi-step manufacturing processes, and customer bases that include large wholesale firms, hospitals, pharmacy chains and small vendors in the developing world, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have unusually complex supply chains.

Compliance requirements such as cold chain, ingredient traceability and efficacy further complicate the job of healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chain practitioners.

As supply chain costs continue to rise and compliance requirements become more stringent, C-level executives within healthcare and pharma are recognizing the tremendous opportunity for cost savings and competitive differentiation locked away within their supply chains. A new breed of supply chain technologies—leveraging real-time big data and predictive analytics—has emerged that offer these organizations the ability to significantly improve performance, effectively leapfrogging the prior generation of supply chain solutions.


TransVoyant’s Precise Predictive Logistics (P2L) solution is at the forefront of this disruptive innovation in supply chain management.

By collecting massive amounts of real-time data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices around the world, P2L enables healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to track the live movement of goods in motion across all transportation modes, worldwide, from n-tier foreign suppliers to customer door.


P2L addresses the toughest Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Challenges:

  • Protect patient safety and brand trust

  • Live monitoring of temperature levels on shipments

  • Temperature predictions at all phases of the journey, with prescriptive recommendations for route or modal shifts

  • Transportation event logging

  • N-tier supplier monitoring and risk assessment related to compliance and capacity

  • Supplier and carrier performance analysis and reporting

  • Cross business unit visibility, optimization and risk assessment, including load consolidation, cross docking, and warehouse utilization

  • Acquisition and divestiture analysis, including risk analysis and supply chain infrastructure and flow synergies

  • Real-time network modeling and optimization

  • Visibility of inventory on hand at hospitals and distributors


Predict the Future with P2L

P2L predicts, and helps companies to avoid, supply chain disruptions and risks related to supplier disruptions, severe weather, port congestion, natural disasters, road traffic, labor unrest and a host of other external events.

Fast Time to Value

P2L sits on top of your existing solutions, augmenting the external live data it collects and analyzes from IoT devices with internal data from ERP, supply chain management and other systems.  For most large healthcare and pharmaceutical companies operating multiple ERP systems across several business units, P2L provides the first live central view of all suppliers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, orders, shipments and inventory.

Obtain Complete End-to-End Visibility

Far more than simply a visual control tower, P2L learns the behavior of your internal and external supply chain nodes—suppliers, carriers, lanes, ports, factories, warehouses, customers, etc.—and applies advanced machine learning algorithms to assess performance, avoid risks, and identify and exploit opportunities.


How P2L Works

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With a single data input, a bill of lading, P2L can begin tracking the live movement of your shipments and deliver predictive insights related to potential supply chain disruptions.