No industry has more daunting supply chain challenges and risks than the grocery and food service industry, driven by the high volumes and dispersed locations of suppliers and consumers, perishable goods, seasonality, limited time offers, changing consumer tastes and menus, cost control pressures, an intensive regulatory environment and labor challenges.

It’s a dynamic, intricate web of farmers, growers, food purveyors, restaurant supply vendors, distributors, purchasing co-ops, transportation and logistics providers, restaurants, schools, and other institutional customers.

When food service supply chains work well, the results are satisfied customers who bring repeat business and profits to the grocer or restaurant and their trading partners. But when the supply chain goes awry, everything from food safety to supply continuity, cost management, and consumer satisfaction is compromised.

Perishable products have to be available in store/restaurant when they are needed, and in fresh, high quality condition. You need to know if the cold chain has been maintained properly. Were frozen products kept frozen throughout transit? Did the produce arrive fresh and in good condition?

Today, supply chain professionals are focused on cost-effective procurement; efficient transportation; building agile, adaptive, demand-sensing supply chains; maintaining customer satisfaction; and increasing gross margin in a hyper-competitive environment.

Recently, a new breed of supply chain technologies—leveraging real-time big data and predictive analytics—has emerged that offer the ability to meet these demands and to effectively leapfrog a prior generation of supply chain solutions.


TransVoyant’s Precise Predictive Logistics (P2L) solution is at the forefront of this disruptive innovation in supply chain management.

By collecting massive amounts of real-time data and activating actionable insights, P2L enables grocery and food service companies to track and precisely orchestrate the live movement of goods in motion across all transportation modes from suppliers to DC to customer door.


P2L addresses the toughest Grocery and Food Service Supply Chain Challenges:

  • Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity levels on shipments to ensure quality and maintain compliance

  • For perishable goods—temperature predictions at all phases of a journey, with prescriptive recommendations for route or modal shifts or protective packaging options

  • Real-time visibility and predicted ETAs of all shipments, inbound and outbound, enhancing customer satisfaction and optimizing labor/resource utilization

  • Optimizing multi-stop delivery routes in real-time based on intraday insights

  • Predictions of future events, enabling organizations to anticipate and avoid supply chain disruptions—from weather, natural disasters, port/airport congestion, traffic problems, labor strikes, public health emergencies, etc.

  • Supplier and supply chain node monitoring and live risk intelligence & alerts—to maintain compliance and capacity

  • Supplier performance analysis and reporting

  • Cross business unit visibility, optimization and risk assessment, including load consolidation, cross docking, and warehouse utilization

  • Carrier performance analysis and reporting including route efficiency, unscheduled stops, border/customs crossings

  • Real-time network monitoring and optimization, enabling supply chain professionals to proactively address any network disruptions, including real-time notification of fleet vehicle disruptions and short order notifications


Predict the Future with P2L

P2L predicts—and helps companies to avoid—supply chain disruptions and risks related to supplier disruptions, severe weather, port congestion, natural disasters, road traffic, labor unrest and a host of other external events.

Fast Time to Value

P2L is a subscription-based cloud solution that continuously generates predictive insights for your operation by seamlessly extracting value from existing corporate systems (ERP, TMS, WMS) and integrating your supply chain with over 1 trillion live events captured and analyzed on a daily basis. For most large grocery and food service companies operating multiple ERP systems across multiple business units, P2L provides the first live central view of all suppliers, warehouses, orders, shipments and inventory.

Obtain Complete End-to-End Visibility

Far more than simply a visual control tower, P2L learns the behavior of your internal and external supply chain nodes—suppliers, carriers, lanes, ports, warehouses, customers, inventory levels, etc.—and applies advanced machine learning algorithms to assess performance, avoid risks, and identify and exploit opportunities.


How P2L Works

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With a single data input, a bill of lading, P2L can begin tracking the live movement of your shipments and deliver predictive insights related to potential supply chain disruptions.