Today’s Supply Chain Challenges

  • Inability to allocate global inventory in-motion to dynamic demand across all transportation modes

  • Inability to provide accurate delivery dates to customers, resulting in the need to maintain excess levels of buffer stock

  • Inability to accurately schedule resources—manufacturing, warehouse, transportation, labor—because of unpredictable shipment ETAs

  • Inability to compete with same-day delivery competitors across multiple channels

By tracking the real-time behavior and location of aircraft, ocean vessels, railcars, trucks, ports, airports, routes, weather, suppliers, consumers, competitors and other supply chain nodes via the Internet of Things (IoT), TransVoyant’s Precise Predictive Logistics™ (P2L™) solution provides supply chain professionals with a live picture of their goods in motion as well as predictive insights that enable them to foresee and avoid supply chain disruptions.

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P2L Features


Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Precise visibility into the real-time locations and statuses of shipments, products, and orders.

Precise Estimated Times of Arrival

Predicting very accurate estimated times of arrival based on the current location of conveyances, and calculating the impact of weather, port congestion, traffic, customs clearance times, and a host of other external factors.

Predictive Insights

Peering forward in time across the extended supply chain to identify probable disruptions and proactively recommending options to avoid them.


  • With the TransVoyant P2L solution, we know exactly where each shipment is, and when it will arrive, at every defined pulse point of the journey. This should enable us to more effectively plan our downstream operations, optimize lead times, measure carrier performance, and provide enhanced service to both our trade and direct to runner business.
    Chase MuellerManager of Supply Chain Visibility, Brooks Running

P2L Benefits

  • 20% Improvement in On-Time Arrivals

  • 30% Reduction in Buffer Stock

  • 50% Improvement in ETA Accuracy

  • 20% Reduction in Expedited Freight

  • Improved Scheduling

  • Increased Sales

  • Reduced Supplier Risk

  • Reduction of Lost Sales

  • Reduction in Supply Chain Costs

  • Improved Monitoring and Reporting

How P2L Works

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With a single data input, a bill of lading, P2L can begin tracking the live movement of your shipments and deliver predictive insights related to potential supply chain disruptions.