New Butchko Partnership Delivers Predictive Intelligence to Global Customers

New Butchko Partnership Delivers Predictive Intelligence to Global Customers

Alexandria, VA—TransVoyant and Butchko, Inc. have announced a partnership to bring real-time and predictive decision-making capabilities to city management, business supply chains, and industrial customers, worldwide.

“With over 30 years of experience in the risk and security solutions market, Butchko is well positioned to design, implement and manage big data solutions,” said Ben Butchko, President of Butchko Inc.

Butchko will partner with TransVoyant to integrate its Continuous Decision Intelligence™ (CDI™) live data streaming and predictive analytics family of solutions into Butchko’s service offerings. The partnership will allow a range of customers to take advantage of patent-pending algorithms and analytics, TransVoyant’s rich library of global data streams, and Butchko’s deep domain expertise and professional services.

“Our clients feel they need to get in front of organizational risks, threats and vulnerabilities while adding value to corporate business objectives,” said Butchko. “Integrating our insights with the solutions from TransVoyant allows our clients to track personnel, assets and equipment in real-time—visualizing and streamlining inventory supervision and enhancing employee safety worldwide.”

“This partnership—drawing on Butchko’s decades of trusted threat awareness and supply chain optimization services and TransVoyant’s Continuous Decision Intelligence technologies—will change the way high risk/high consequence decisions are made and better enable customers with live and predictive intelligence on risks to globally-located people, assets and communities,” said Dennis Groseclose, President and CEO of TransVoyant.

TransVoyant’s CDI Platform is a comprehensive control tower that offers decision makers a real-time panoramic view of global operations. CDI offers a different approach to critical decision making—incorporating thousands of live event data streams from around the world into a single place with the ability to apply powerful analytics, machine learning and predictive algorithms to convert and correlate raw event data into enterprise operational impacts.

“Information when, where and how the client needs it, with a focus on their organizational strategies,” said Butchko. “This is the future we are helping to create it.”


About Butchko Inc.
Butchko designs security solutions that safeguard your assets, mitigate your risks, and, most importantly, deliver sustainable business value. Uniquely qualified to understand security environments, your organization and your goals, Butchko aligns the Right Technology, Right Process, and Right Resources to take your program to the next level. Butchko drives client success by integrating technology, information, and processes, to create an engineered, cost-efficient, and comprehensive solution that delivers critical information when and where it is needed. Learn more by visiting

About TransVoyant
From devices such as radar, sensors, satellites, smartphones, meters and other devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT), TransVoyant collects, cleanses and constantly updates one of the world’s largest repositories of real-time big data—over one trillion events each day.  By applying advanced machine learning algorithms to these real-time data streams, TransVoyant gives commercial organizations and governments a live global picture of their global assets, as well as predictive insights that enable them to anticipate and avoid threats and disruptions resulting from weather, port congestion, natural disasters, supplier failure, road construction, labor strikes and competitor actions to name a few.

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