Precise Predictive Intelligence™



TransVoyant’s P2I™ solution supports the range of predictive analytics applications for national security. By knowing the live locations of aircraft, ocean vessels, railcars, trucks, and people, P2I quickly identifies ‘fast-twitch’ threats unfolding in real-time. It knows when an aircraft deviates from its scheduled route, for example, and when a flashpoint situation cycles up on social media. And because P2I has been collecting and analyzing massive amounts of big data around the world for years, it has established a baseline of normal ‘pattern of life’ behavior associated with countries, groups of people, companies, organizations and a host of other entities. With an understanding of normal behavior, P2I can then detect anomalous behavior, and calculate correlation and causality. Using correlated anomalous behavior as a leading indicator, P2I has proven its ability to accurately predict events in the future.


Continuous Decision Intelligence™



TransVoyant’s CDI™ platform underpins all of our precise, predictive solutions.  It includes the real-time big data that we constantly collect and update, our proprietary machine learning algorithms that we use to generate predictive insights, and our APIs that we use to integrate to complementary solutions and systems.

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Professional Services


TransVoyant provides solutions and services to all branches of the U.S. armed forces and many other government agencies. Our government partners and clients depend on TransVoyant for real-time, actionable intelligence. Our professional services teams provide trusted managed services, program management, subject matter expertise, and data science to solve your most challenging global data intelligence and collaboration needs.

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