How We Do It Better

We are unique in our approach to powering the digital supply chain. For years, we have been collecting and analyzing massive real-time data streams and generating learned behavior models that inform our predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations.


We’ve been collecting, cleansing, normalizing and storing massive real-time data streams from the global IoT since 2012; we process over one trillion events per day.

  • Port congestion
  • Road traffic
  • Wave heights
  • Customs clearance times
  • Natural disasters
  • Terrorism threats
  • Labor strikes
  • Social media
  • Flight schedules


Which enables us to predict and prescribe actions that increase revenues, decrease costs, reduce risks and delight customers.

  • Optimize inventory and order fulfilment based on dynamically calculated lead times, capacity and variability
  • Source from low risk supplier
  • Select higher performing carrier


Over time, we’ve learned and predict the behavior of carriers, lanes, ports, airports, customs clearance points and many other supply chain nodes and flows.

  • Lead Times
  • Throughput
  • Variability
  • Causality


We overlay this living node and flow behavior with our real-time and predictive understanding of the dynamic circumstances surrounding your extended supply chain.