With multi-tier supplier networks, distributed multi-step manufacturing processes, and customer bases that include large wholesale firms, hospitals, pharmacy chains and small vendors in the developing world, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have unusually complex supply chains. Compliance requirements such as cold chain, ingredient traceability and efficacy further complicate the job of healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chain practitioners.

As supply chain costs continue to rise and compliance requirements become more stringent, C-level executives within healthcare and pharma are recognizing the tremendous opportunity for cost savings and competitive differentiation locked away within their supply chains.

Female customer buying medicines from the store

P2L Addresses the Toughest Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
Supply Chain Challenges

  • Protect patient safety and brand trust
  • Live monitoring of temperature levels on shipments
  • Temperature predictions at all phases of a journey, with prescriptive recommendations for route or modal shifts
  • Transportation event logging
  • N-tier supplier monitoring and risk assessment related to compliance and capacity
  • Supplier performance analysis and reporting
  • Cross business unit visibility, optimization and risk assessment
    • Load consolidation
    • Cross docking
    • Warehouse utilization
  • Carrier performance analysis and reporting
  • Acquisition and divestiture analysis
    • Risk analysis
    • Supply chain infrastructure synergies
  • Real-time network modeling and optimization
  • Visibility of inventory on hand at hospitals and distributors

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