Precise Predictive Logistics™



By tracking the real-time behavior and location of aircraft, ocean vessels, railcars, trucks, ports, airports, routes, weather, suppliers, consumers, competitors and other supply chain nodes via the Internet of Things (IoT), TransVoyant’s P2L™ solution provides supply chain professionals with a live picture of their goods in motion as well as predictive insights that enable companies to foresee and avoid supply chain disruptions. It’s a powerful combination — real-time supply chain visibility and predictive insights — that can transform your supply chain.

How will P2L transform my business?

Precise Predictive Risk™



TransVoyant Precise Predictive Risk (P2R) is a unique SaaS-based risk management solution that enables organizations to monitor, analyze, predict and remediate a diverse set of risks related to physical facilities, goods in motion, static inventory, supply chain routes and nodes, human capital, competitors, and extended supply chain partners.

How will P2R reduce my enterprise risk?

Continuous Decision Intelligence™



TransVoyant’s CDI™ platform underpins all of our industry-focused solutions.  It includes the real-time big data that we constantly collect and update, our proprietary machine learning algorithms that we use to generate predictive insights, and our API’s that we use to integrate to complementary solutions, such as ERP and supply chain planning and execution systems.     

CDI: The factory that produces our industry solutions
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