January 05, 2016

Alexandria, VA—Will the potential for a port workers’ strike in Shanghai affect my shipments?  How risky is this shipping route through northwestern Mexico for cargo theft?  Will severe weather in the Pacific cause my ocean cargo to arrive late into the Port of Long Beach? 

Converging logistical risk subject matter expertise with live data analytics, LoJack SCI and TransVoyant today announced a partnership that will answer these questions and more – providing enterprises with the ability to identify, prioritize, and mitigate supply chain risks by increasing real-time alerting on factors that affect global supply chains.  As part of the next generation Supply Chain Information Sharing and Analysis Center (SC-ISAC), customers will be able to log in to the online portal and take advantage of real-time global intelligence, fueled by streaming data and analytics that enable the collection, analyzation, and dissemination of actionable intelligence to help secure global supply chains and protect critical infrastructure.

“Using the global TransVoyant CDI Platform will be transformative as the SC-ISAC evolves.  The depth and global breadth of the data feeding the portal will be fully utilized in the new portal.  This holistic data driven approach to supply chain is consistent with the direction LoJack SCI is driving across the product line – centered around the core SC iOn Command portal,” said Ted Wlazlowski, CEO of LoJack SCI.

Information presented via SC-ISAC is powered by TransVoyant’s Continuous Decision Intelligence™ (CDI™) Platform.  This live and predictive analytics platform filters through news sources (including Lloyd’s Maritime, CNN, and more), blogs, social media (ex. Twitter), and natural disaster alerting sources to find and disseminate content relevant to global supply chains.  Real-time listening algorithms conduct searches around port strikes, cargo theft, driver safety, traffic, cargo ship locations, port congestion, airport closures, severe weather alerts, earthquakes, and more in order to provide a holistic view of current and forecasted global threats to supply chains.  Customers will be able to better take advantage of information external to their organization and realize decision lead times that could save money on rush orders and shave days off of inventory cycle times.

“The combination of TransVoyant’s powerful CDI data engine and the next generation SC-ISAC portal creates a real-time information fusion hub for the supply chain industry.  This partnership will increase situational awareness and enable supply chain executives to manage and mitigate risk over the entire globe.  This is the first of many strategic initiatives for the TransVoyant-LoJack SCI team,” said Luke Balsley, TransVoyant Managing Director.

About TransVoyant Inc.
TransVoyant is at the forefront of the predictive analytics space. From sensors, satellites, radar, video cameras, smartphones and other devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT), we collect over one trillion events each day, giving us one of the largest repositories of real-time big data in the world. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms analyze these massive big data streams in real-time to produce live and predictive insights that help companies to achieve competitive advantage and government agencies to save lives.

About LoJack SCI

SC-integrity, Inc. (LoJack SCI) provides integrated solutions for supply chain protection that includes shared supply chain intelligence and analytics, covert cargo tracking, monitoring, and recovery services.  The LoJack SCI solutions feature proactive alert based security and increased visibility across all modes of transportation with clear chain of custody management utilizing active sensing of the cargo’s environment while in transit.  Visit www.lojacksci.com for more information. LoJack is a trademark or registered trademark of LoJack Corporation in the United States and other countries and used under license by SC-integrity, Inc.  LoJack Corporation is not responsible for any content herein.

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