June 01, 2015

Alexandria, VA – TransVoyant, live and predictive supply chain intelligence provider for global Fortune 500s, will unveil its newest capabilities in advanced shipment forecasting, future end-to-end visibility, and port disruption predictions to media and attendees at this year’s GT Nexus Bridges 2015 conference, June 8-11, in Hollywood, Florida.

“We chose Bridges to debut this next release because we consider it be the premier cloud supply chain industry event – a great place of innovation, ideas, and connections for forward-thinking supply chain innovators,” says TransVoyant CEO, Dennis Groseclose.


TransVoyant Demos Available at GT Nexus Bridges 2015

TransVoyant’s Supply Chain Intelligence solutions—powered by TransVoyant’s CDI™ Platform—provide live and predictive logistics analytics to supply chain and operations decision makers worldwide through dashboards, email, mobile apps, and existing system integrations.

At Bridges, media and attendees will get a first look at innovations being rolled out to TransVoyant customers this June including:

Live Shipment Forecasts & Delivery Projections: TransVoyant’s latest release delivers predictive analytics that power precise times to the minute on when shipments—both ocean and air—will arrive at points of interest, and ultimately their final destinations. This release also includes UI improvements to show where cargo is at any point in time—from origin to destination—and factors that could affect on-time delivery—such as airport ground stops, seaport and vessel dwell times, labor strikes, severe weather and natural disasters—without the latency, lag, or comprised data quality that have been hurdles to achieving near real-time “precision logistics” in the past.

At the TransVoyant booth, participants can experience TransVoyant’s updated subscription-based web interface that visualizes global inbound and outbound logistics, forecasts transit delays, delivers precise predicted times of arrival, and generates other user-defined analytics instantly.

Port Disruption Predictions: Global sea and airport disruptions, delays and closures are caused by a variety of factors—port congestion, labor strikes, hurricanes, tsunamis, geopolitical issues, terrorism, lengthy dwell times, and more.

TransVoyant’s new port prediction functionality collects, analyzes and converts live, global streaming data into port disruption forecast alerts—empowering supply chain decision makers with better risk-based alternatives, weeks and months in advance of shipment routing decisions.

TransVoyant delivers real-time supply chain predictions by leveraging hard-to-find data from thousands of global feeds, such as historical global routing trends and live vessel locations, maritime-focused news, port-specific information, social media updates, and container sensors.


Schedule an Interview, Demo Live Solutions or Meet the CEO during Bridges (Booth #3 – Partner Zone)

Interested media and attendees can experience TransVoyant’s newest releases in one of three ways during or before Bridges:

  • Scheduled Interview: To schedule a demo first-look or interview before the GT Nexus Bridges conference, e-mail media@TransVoyant.com or call 703-778-7691.
  • Live Demos at Booth 3 – Partner Zone: Stop by the TransVoyant booth for rolling live demos throughout the day. Follow @TransVoyant on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with TransVoyant at the conference.
  • ‘Internet of Things’ Roundtable: Meet TransVoyant’s CEO, Dennis Groseclose, as he participates in the ‘Internet of Things’ roundtable on Wednesday, June 10 at 11:00am at Bridges. This IoT roundtable will explore the behavioral influence of people and supply chain systems through emerging predictive and prescriptive technologies.


About TransVoyant
TransVoyant is at the forefront of the predictive analytics space. From sensors, satellites, radar, video cameras, smartphones and other devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT), we collect over one trillion events each day, giving us one of the largest repositories of real-time big data in the world. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms analyze these massive big data streams in real-time to produce live and predictive insights that help companies to achieve competitive advantage and government agencies to save lives.

About Bridges
Bridges is the premier cloud supply chain industry event. Each year, Bridges draws an exclusive network of business executives from finance, logistics, sourcing and IT to converge around the growing emphasis on supply chain visibility and intelligence. The agenda is available at: http://www.gtnexus.com/ext/bridges-2015/subagenda.html

About GT Nexus
GT Nexus operates the world’s largest cloud-based business network and execution platform for global trade and supply chain management. Over 25,000 businesses across industry verticals, including Adidas Group, Caterpillar, Citi, Columbia Sportswear, DHL, Electrolux, Levi Strauss & Co., Nestlé, Pfizer, and Sears share GT Nexus as their standard, multi-enterprise collaboration platform. This enables all network participants to operate against a core, real-time and always on set of information across multiple supply chain functions, allowing them to optimize the flow of goods, funds and trade information, from the point of order through final payment. For more information please visit www.gtnexus.com.

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