February 24, 2014

Alexandria, VA—DOD continues to manage and optimize combat and combat support vehicle fleet with TEAMS.

TransVoyant announced today the renewal of the U.S. Army Total Enterprise Army Asset Management System (TEAMS) contract for ongoing development and maintenance services.

“This award signifies the continued confidence that our Army sponsors and diverse fleet management stakeholders have in our abilities and shared strategic vision,” said Wayne Chesley, TransVoyant VP and General Manager.

Previously known as ‘AMS’ (e.g., Asset Management System), TEAMS has grown into the TACOM (Tank-automotive and Armaments Command) LCMC (Life Cycle Management Command) Program Office-level system for managing both combat and combat support vehicle fleets.

TransVoyant professionals have been actively developing U.S. Army TEAMS capabilities since 2004. During this time, TEAMS has advanced into new areas of ‘Total Enterprise’ operations – expanding to incorporate the entire set of PEO CS&CSS (Program Executive Office Combat Support & Combat Service Support) fleets; the PEO GCS (Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems) Abrams, Bradley and Paladin fleets; the U.S. Marine Corps LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) fleet; and U.S. Special Operations Command FOSOV (Family of Special Operations Vehicles).

Based on the growing and evolving intelligence needs of these various stakeholder communities, TransVoyant professionals have worked closely with the U.S. Department of Defense to proactively enhance TEAMS capabilities for integrating Fleet Management, Inspection Processing and Validation, Vehicle Analytics and customizable dashboard reporting. These features allow TEAMS to provide a common framework for the automation of fleet management lifecycle processes and transactions, and deliver key program-specific customizations for individual fleet management processes and reporting requirements.

“TEAMS leverages the investments of these various program-level fleet stakeholders in a common ‘community of interest’,” explained TransVoyant’s Director of Systems Integration and Information Solutions, Robert Missig. “This allows for sharing of the functional development effort throughout the DOD community in order to best optimize our nation’s defense resources.”

The Total Enterprise Asset Management System is a .MIL-based, Smartcard-secured globally distributed application that is accessible via the web, mobile and desktop user interfaces. Application security and authentication is controlled via various encryption methodologies and the latest standards in AKO and CAC (PKI) authentication, and a well-defined implementation of user/role and program/data permissions. TEAMS empowers Program Managers and vendors to have real-time visibility of combat vehicle data—such as part failures, critical safety issues, fielding status and soldier feedback—giving users the ability to manage and analyze data with interactive dashboards and create customized user-driven reports.

About TransVoyant
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