November 19, 2013

Alexandria, VA—TransVoyant’s Continuous Decision Intelligence™ Platform launches commercially this week, building on the success of TransVoyant’s rich multi-dimensional national security and intelligence community legacy applications.

TransVoyant wants to help people and companies achieve current state awareness, and the ability to shape and influence future behaviors, using multi-dimensional streaming data through its Continuous Decision Intelligence (CDI™) Platform. Transforming TransVoyant’s rich legacy of powering intelligence, national security, logistics and tactical operations for business and mission success, and already powering market-leading mobile applications, CDI answers multiple challenges across a range of industries—from how to make smarter and faster trades, to how to visualize and interact with multi-tier logistics operations through real-time decisions and alerts on global events that matter.

“We deliver solutions and services to all branches of the U.S. armed forces, as well as other global government agencies, to provide powerful decision making intelligence—in real time,” said Dennis Groseclose, Co-Founder and President of TransVoyant. “Our solutions can be found flying through the air on military aircraft, automating Army depot asset management, managing real-time force tracking activities, and now, empowering commercial applications with CDI.”

“We are in a new era of technology—moving beyond static data and analytical models, enterprise transaction systems and flat representations of processes—to systems of multi-dimensional awareness seeing our world—as it is happening,” said Tim Fleischer, TransVoyant Chairman. “Traditional technologies struggle to provide users with ‘now awareness’—a continuous view of events as they happen. Building on our heritage of innovation, TransVoyant’s CDI Platform offers industry-specific solutions for our customers—allowing not only current state awareness and sub-second decision making, but the ability to shape and influence future behaviors most important to them—creating better outcomes for a better tomorrow.”

“CDI addresses the challenge of time-sensitive complex decision making requiring the continuous streaming of multiple rich data sources. CDI is not a ‘flat’ mapping or a two-dimensional event processing technology,” said Kirk Bloomquist, TransVoyant Vice President of Product Development. “The platform addresses dynamic-to-dynamic, multi-dimensional, highly scalable real-time and history analysis.”

CDI facilitates industry specific data streams, rules and analytics on a multi-tenant platform, enabling rapid implementation via ‘smart cloud’ deployments. The platform enables users to import their own data files, and concurrently fuse these with TransVoyant’s library of live and static streaming data sets—including weather, social media, airline, maritime, and more—to create real-time decision matrices for monitoring and processing spatial, temporal, contextual, attribute-rich data.

CDI industry solutions provide users with real-world decisions and influencers for challenges that are real time, compressed, important and complex:

  • Target customers with relevant real-time messaging—or alert supply chain operators to significant events—all while using time, location and preference variables
  • Visualize real-time and historical information to ‘war game’ difference scenarios to aid in planning for various events to optimize trading practices
  • Act on influencers that affect the real-time, compressed, important and complex actions needed to optimize healthcare and life sciences performance
  • Overcome supply chain challenges to satisfy customers, support new business unit goals for top line growth and deliver bottom line savings
  • Turn data into actionable intelligence for confidence at the point of decision, understanding when it’s time to act, and reduced hesitation at the point of engagement
  • Develop a fine-grain ability to understand the dynamic demands in target markets and how to seize additional revenue opportunities through innovation
  • Visualize entire operations and better interact with and understand business data

“When it comes down to it, CDI was created to make life simpler and enable better decisions by individuals and organizations… to automatically interpret and make sense out of the massive amounts of data streamed globally,” said Groseclose. “Instead of collecting, processing and searching increasingly voluminous static data or thumbing through a myriad of narrow-function applications—CDI queues and aligns the right global sensors and information sources based upon interdependent world events and user-defined rules in order to automatically deliver continuous decisions. CDI analyzes thousands of global spatial, temporal, context and preference events each second—enabling real-time decisions and positive behavior modification—delivered to any person, platform, partner or machine.”

Let us show you how to intelligently process, make decisions on and issue alerts leveraging highly dynamic live and historical data. Give us a call at (703) 778-3500 to sign up for a live demo of CDI.

About TransVoyant
From devices such as radar, sensors, satellites, smartphones, meters and other devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT), TransVoyant collects, cleanses and constantly updates one of the world’s largest repositories of real-time big data—over one trillion events each day.  By applying advanced machine learning algorithms to these real-time data streams, TransVoyant gives commercial organizations and governments a live global picture of their global assets, as well as predictive insights that enable them to anticipate and avoid threats and disruptions resulting from weather, port congestion, natural disasters, supplier failure, road construction, labor strikes and competitor actions to name a few.

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