October 17, 2011

Alexandria, VA—TransVoyant, a leading provider of geospatial solutions, today announced the product launch of GeoVigilance™*, a highly scalable location-based awareness and visualization tool that can process tens of thousands of data points within seconds.

“GeoVigilance* is the culmination of over 17 years of location-based solution development for the intelligence, military and commercial markets,” stated David Hemphill, Chief Technology Officer of TransVoyant. “With the ever-increasing volume of geospatial data being collected, and the need for timely and accurate information dissemination on the rise, we have created a solution that will give analysts the resources they need to solve their most perplexing geospatial data analysis problems, using time and space event rules.”

GeoVigilance* Highlights

  • Analyst-Ready User Interface: Powered by TransVoyant’s award-winning geospatial event processing engine, GeoVigilance* can now be placed in the hands of analysts without the need for programming or scripting experience.
  • Flexible: The solution’s library of user interface components are flexible enough to be adapted to a user’s specific needs and preferences, allowing for easy integration into new and existing applications.=
  • On-Demand Rule Creation: GeoVigilance* enables users to create, edit and remove event definitions on demand, providing for fast and efficient rule evaluation that can be altered “on the fly” without restarting the program.
  • Real-Time Decision Support: Users can combine and monitor data from multiple sources in real-time with GeoVigilance*. Event rules generate results that are sent to a database for further evaluation and decision support, including course of action reviews and operational planning.
  • Dynamic to Dynamic Data Processing: Not only can GeoVigilance* process data that is static to static and static to dynamic, but it also has the unique capability to analyze data sets that are dynamic to dynamic, and in 3D (such as the relation of a low flying airplane to a VIP convoy).
  • Complex Pattern Detection: Users of GeoVigilance* can establish event and place definitions that can catalog recurring incidents over time for pattern detection, using inferential techniques to form automated decision support models.

*Please Note: GeoVigilance™ has since been merged with the TransVoyant Continuous Decision Intelligence™ (CDI™) brand

About TransVoyant
TransVoyant predicts the future. By continuously learning from the past and present, the company and its technology predicts future behaviors and events to improve outcomes for its customers. From satellites, radar, sensors, smartphones, social media and other devices that make up the Internet of Things, TransVoyant collects one of the world’s largest living repositories of real-time big data—over one trillion events per day. We then apply patented technology and proprietary algorithms to this massive big data to produce live and predictive insights that enable companies to transform business performance and governments to protect life and property. Our insights and predictions drive value in the areas of operational efficiency, risk management, consumer insights, resilience, asset optimization and security for national security and enterprise customers.

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