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By collecting and analyzing massive amounts of real-time big data from global IoT devices, we understand the current and predicted behavior of our customers’ extended supply chains at a very granular level:  by lane, port, route, supplier, manufacturing facility, warehouse, store and customer.  Understanding lead times, throughput and variability across all of these nodes and pulse points, our solutions continuously inform optimal inventory levels by node, anticipate and avoid risks, and allocate dynamic supply to dynamic demand.

Enterprise Solutions

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Precise Predictive LogisticsTM (P2lTM)

By tracking the real-time behavior and location of aircraft, ocean vessels, railcars, trucks, ports, airports, routes, weather, suppliers, consumers, competitors and other supply chain nodes via the Internet of Things (IoT), TransVoyant’s P2L solution provides supply chain professionals with a live picture of their goods in motion, predictive insights, and prescriptive recommendations.

Precise Predictive RiskTM (P2rTM)

TransVoyant Precise Predictive Risk (P2R) is a unique SaaS-based risk management solution that enables organizations to monitor, analyze, predict and remediate a diverse set of risks related to physical facilities, goods in motion, static inventory, supply chain routes and nodes, human capital, competitors, and extended supply chain partners.

Real-Time Big Data

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From global sensors, satellites, radar, smartphones, video cameras, social media and other IoT devices, we collect over one trillion events each day, giving us one of the largest living repositories of real-time big data in the world.  Since 2012 we have been analyzing these massive big data streams with our proprietary machine learning algorithms, and establishing learned behavior models for carriers, lanes, ports, roads, suppliers and other nodes in the global supply chain. These data streams and behavior models inform our predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations, and come complete with our solution. We distinguish ourselves from other vendors in this critically important area.

IOT Platform

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Continuous Decision Intelligencetm (Cditm)

CDI is the IoT data collection and processing hub that feeds data and insights into P2L and P2R, as well as our customers’ complementary systems which execute our prescriptive recommendations. Our CDI platform comes complete with massive real-time big data streams, learned behavior models established over years, powerful machine learning algorithms and extensible APIs.


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Transvoyant insight foundrytm

TransVoyant’s definition of an insight is an actionable piece of intelligence that leads to a more informed, more optimal decision. Our solution comes complete with a foundry of pre-packaged enterprise and global insights. Our services, product management and data science teams also work with our customers to define and deliver company-specific insights that lead to even greater value and competitive differentiation.