Powering Sentient Supply Chains

Powered by massive, live data streams collected from IoT devices around the world, and advanced machine learning algorithms, Sentient Supply Chains are all-seeing, real-time, predictive, optimized and cognitive.  They are transforming the way companies compete and TransVoyant is leading the way.

Understand Now

Track shipments live across all global transportation modes

Know live customer sentiment and behavior

Sense and be alerted to global risks as they unfold in real time

Know The Future

Predict and avoid supply chain disruptions

Foresee customer, consumer and market behaviors

Prevent, avoid or hedge future risk

Take Intelligent Action

Confidently allocate supply in motion to dynamic demand

Accurately predict demand and dynamically price

Re-route shipments or choose alternate modes

What we do for you

We Deliver Predictive Insights


In today’s real-time global economy, high value insights inform companies about what’s happening right now, what’s predicted to happen in the future and what specific actions they can take to avoid risks and to capitalize on opportunities.

If you’re a supply chain professional tasked with getting critical parts to customers, for example, it would be helpful to understand airport performance right now and to predict delays, days or weeks into the future. 

On Time Flight Performance

Top 20 Cargo Airports


Average Departure Delay



Average Departure Delay


Know the Future


Average Departure Delay


How we are different

Insights that Empower

  • Provide customers more accurate ETAs

  • Better plan downstream supply chain operations

  • Select disruption free routes and high performing carriers

This is just one small example of the real-time data we collect and the insights we deliver every day. Scroll down to see a broader picture of our data streams and insights.

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Why We’re Different

Gleaned from Real-Time
Big Data


We collect massive amounts of real-time big data from sensors, radar, satellites, smartphones and other devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) – over one trillion events each day!

That’s what makes us different. We continuously collect and augment one of the world’s largest repositories of real-time big data. While most data analytics providers rely on you, their customer, to supply your own data streams, we provide a complete solution, inclusive of the big data.


Live Data and Insights

  • Live aircraft, truck, rail, vessel, parcel locations

  • Port congestion

  • Vessel schedules

  • Air traffic

  • Airport congestion

  • Flight schedules

  • Unpublished layovers

  • Weather

  • Temperatures

  • Wind speeds

  • Wave heights

  • Natural disasters

  • Terrorism threats

  • Labor strikes

  • Customs clearance times

  • Road construction

  • Road traffic

  • Sun glare

  • Price indexes

  • Geopolitical trends

  • Tweets

  • Media articles

  • Foot traffic


  • Sensors

  • RFID

  • Satellites

  • Radar

  • Smart phones

  • Meters

  • Control devices

  • Video cameras

  • Drones

  • RSS freeds

  • News outlets

  • Social media

Turning real-time big data into actionable insights

How We Transform Data Into Insights

Leveraging Advanced


We apply proprietary machine learning algorithms to our real-time big data streams to transform disparate data sets and events into intelligent insights.

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What it means for you

We enable you to thrive instead of perish in
the real-time data-driven global economy

  • Commit inventory in-transit using global inventory in-motion across all transportation modes.

  • Effectively coordinate shipment hand-offs between trading partners across modes.

  • Accurately track and forecast arrivals of critical parts.

  • Compete with same-day delivery competitors across multiple channels.

  • Orchestrate downstream supply chain operations based on shipments in-transit.

  • Predict and avoid supply chain disruptions.

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